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We’re very excited that Milwaukee native and UW-Madison graduate Engineer Nick Matthews is now here in Haiti with us.  He arrived about ten days ago and is already hard at work learning Creole and going over construction plans with his Haitian engineering counterpart, Paul Chèry.  Nick expects to be here with us for a year and will be our construction Project Manager.  He and his parents are members of Elmbrook Church in Waukesha, WI, one of the churches that is helping to support our ministry down here.  Nick will play an important role in our partnership with Elmbrook Church and will help to direct several construction work teams being sent down from the church next winter and spring.

Here’s a photo of Nick up at the construction site last Thursday, September 22nd (please note that Nick is an avid Packers fan, so Cherlie and I knew from the start that we would like him!):


Nick Matthews

Nick and Paul worked for several days last week in staking out the foundations for the construction warehouse building, clinic and pharmacy buildings.  Here are some photos from their work:

Nick standing where the warehouse will be built

Clinic building staked out

Here are some more photos from the developing construction site as of September 13, 2011.  Enjoy!

Area where clinic will be built

Clinic building site cleared off

Looking over the valley from the future clinic

The engineers expect to mark off the corners of the buildings and begin to dig the foundation next week.  We’ll keep you posted!

No, it’s not Christmas, but our clinic site is beginning to look a lot like a construction zone.  We had to wait a few weeks for one of the Department of Transportation bulldozers to get repaired, but it is now busy at work preparing the site to lay the foundation for our construction warehouse and outpatient clinic.  Here’s the latest photo from yesterday when we were up at the clinic:

Bulldozer used to prepare the road and building site for warehouse and clinic buildings 9/6/11

We are very grateful for the excellent leadership of Haitian engineer Paul Chèry who is responsible for road construction here in this part of Haiti.  He has been able to make use of the Department of Transportation heavy equipment to build the bridge over the creek and help us prepare the site, moving earth in a manner that would be impossible with manual labor.  Paul will also be helping us with the actual clinic construction and we appreciate his expertise and experience.

Our patients are very excited to see the progress we’ve been making, since they realize that, with a larger facility, we will be able to hire more staff and see more patients each day.  As it is, most of them leave their homes before dawn in order to get to the clinic in time to get a number to be seen (we give out 35 numbers, plus we see follow-ups and emergencies, giving total numbers in the 40’s and 50’s).

Please pray with us as our construction advances!